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Hide fields select box

Post by hubert » 2018-12-19 08:13


I'm quite annoyed with the field selector which is on the table view, upper right of the page.
I do not want some fileds of the table to appear to logged (or not) users, only admins.
But, as I can select the fields, it's alaways possible to make a new selection on hidden fields there .. and I can't accept this
Any key ? May be a javascript routine ?

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Re: Hide fields select box

Post by jsetzer » 2018-12-19 21:57

Hi Hubert,

hiding the toggle-column-button depending on the current user or group using hooks only is quite complicated. You need to pass current member information from PHP to Javascript or Javascript needs to call a serverside PHP script via AJAX to find out who's logged in.

To hide the column-toggle-button for all users, you can try one of these simple jQuery solutions:

1. Hide button in all table views

Place the following code in hooks/header-extras.php:

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<!-- hooks/header-extras.php -->
    $j(function() {

2. Hide button in one table view

Create or open the file hooks/TABLENAME-tv.js and put the following code there:

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    $j(function() {

From my point of view the toggle-button is very useful, because every single user can reduce the amount of information to the minimum s*he needs. I always use the "Hide in table view" checkbox in AppGini to definately hide columns.

By the way: My Toggle-panel looks a bit different than the default style:

chrome_2018-12-19_22-50-33.png (12.26 KiB) Viewed 513 times
2018-12-19_22-53-48.png (11.22 KiB) Viewed 513 times


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