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Custom sub grid table inline cell editing page

Posted: 2019-08-29 20:57
by cwesthuizen
Good day all
I am really hoping someone can give me guidance, or a quote, to what I am planning to do.

Please see the three images attached.

I need to split up a transactions sub table into income and expenses and give totals, and outstanding fees calculated like in the sheet image I attached.
I need to choose the month then the records for that month needs to appear according to the sheet image, then to be edited directly on that page.
If the current month is opened it should show records already added, and extra records for each transaction type not already added, then one needs to be able to just click or tab on the cells and add or change the values like one do in excel, and the date automatically updated if not manually changed. When done one should be able to click on save to submit all changes. If a record locked field is locked one should not be able to edit the record. If month end button is pressed then no records <= lock month date should be able to be added, deleted or edited.
I really want to do this myself but don't have any experience with AppGini accept for what I did by auto generation. Where do I start?
Anyone willing to guide me. I promise to pay it forward, like I always do :-)
Thanks a lot, Chris

Re: Custom sub grid table inline cell editing page

Posted: 2019-08-29 21:20
by pböttcher
Hi Chris,

maybe this is not the answer you are looking for, but with the standard AppGini features you will not be able to acheive this, as AppGini has no grid editing functions and no multi row editing.

Re: Custom sub grid table inline cell editing page

Posted: 2019-08-30 06:57
by cwesthuizen
Hallo pböttcher. Thank you. I realize that, thus have to improvise. AppGini saved me hours and hours of development though. Thank you AppGini.
I will have to manually create a tab net to the transactions tab, and implement my own code in it. That I believe I will accomplish with a hook. I have a lot to learn :-) I'm taking my first baby steps hehehehe. :-) I am now going to search for a grid I can manipulate and add, and then figure out how to add that extra tab, and making use of AppGini's functions to query the db etc. Keep your thumbs.

Re: Custom sub grid table inline cell editing page

Posted: 2019-08-30 07:27
by cwesthuizen

Re: Custom sub grid table inline cell editing page

Posted: 2019-08-30 12:20
by pböttcher

are the transactions that you show as excel-sheet related to the property from the 1_Property_Page1.png?
Do you have a query that would output all the data in the excel-sheet needed?

Re: Custom sub grid table inline cell editing page

Posted: 2019-10-23 22:39
by cwesthuizen
Hi pböttcher
Excuse for replying 2 months later :-)
Yes, related to the property from the 1_Property_Page1.png
I can write a sql query that can return a record for each transaction type, that will include transaction values for the specific month already saved as well as records that does not exist yet that is consistent with the layout example. see last image with the yellow as example. Then one should be able to add or edit values in grid and press tab for next cell on right and then after last yellow cell tab to next record for adding or updating value.
When adding a value of a cell it should not be permanent yet, until save is pressed. Then the code should see if a record actually existed in the transactions table to update it, or to add the transaction record according to the type, date and value. If a record for the yellow ones does not exist and the Amount is null or 0 that record should not be added to the transactions table. If a record is marked as locked, only the comments field should be editable, but none of the other fields for that record. As one make updates the green calculation fields should automatically be calculated.
If one click on Reload button any changes should be discarded. If one click on +ADD NEW and the month is not locked for editing yet, one should pick income or expense, then choose a type and that record should be added to the grid/table in the view and once the SAVE button is clicked that transaction should be written to the transactions table along with the other yellow records that got value for the first time, and existing records where values was changed should be updated it that record is not locked.
I hope I explained properly :-)