Linking records of same table together

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Linking records of same table together

Post by ambroise » 2017-08-24 19:52

Hi all!

I would like to link records of a same table (containing people) together in a many-to-many relationship type.
Therefore, I created a "Relations" table with two fields: People1 and People2.
When I add this table in the Parent/Children settings of the People's table, I get two tabs in the details view, one where the person is People1 and the other where the person is People2.
Not satisfying.

Other option tried: create a table called "Groups" containing only a name and another table called "Group Members" containing rows with the group ID and the people ID (as many rows as there are people in groups). Linking then the "Group Members" table to the "People" table via the "Parent/Children settings"... not quite user-friendly.

Is there any better way to acheive this?

Thanks in advance!

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