Here are some things I miss about AppGini:

Wish to see a specific feature/change in future releases? Feel free to post it here, and if it gets enough "likes", we'd definitely include it in future releases!
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Here are some things I miss about AppGini:

Post by Marcelo Vitoria » 2023-11-28 16:22

Hello friends

I was surprised to see a post with requests that were over 8 years old.

So I decided to do another one.

Here are some things I miss about AppGini:

_ A simple report editor, where we could create an order with items, including logos, QRCODES, etc.;
_ Possibility to choose how many fields can exist in a line, so it would be possible to create better finished screens.
_ URGENTLY change the type of calendar to select dates, it is very outdated.
_ Possibility of using icons instead of buttons and being able to choose between them or tabs.
_ Possibility of importing a table from another project;
_ Enable the creation of parameter-type tables, which the common user does not view or have access to. This helps a lot when creating tax documents here in my country, where you need to follow numerical sequences provided by the government.
_ Creation of processes where calculations can be reported with fields without SQL, would greatly help the lay developer;
_ Bootstrap update to version 5, the appearance of the applications is already well out of date and with more theme options.
_ Update of the AppGini interface with more current fonts, and even allowing the developer to choose a dark theme on the screen; Properties and field configuration windows would also help.
_ In addition to MySQL, AppGini could work with other types of databases, such as SQLite.

I think these are the ones at the moment.

Marcelo Vitoria
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