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Wish to see a specific feature/change in future releases? Feel free to post it here, and if it gets enough "likes", we'd definitely include it in future releases!
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Forum suggestions

Post by urichard » 2022-10-22 20:32


I know this is completely unrelated to appgini but actually the forum.

I recently came accross another low code no code platform (which out of respect to appgini I will not mention here, and realised the forum looks exactly the same as with appgini except for one small feature

1. Each post or reply has a thumbs up button that can be clicked which then thanks the one who replied to the post as a way to aknowledge and appreciate the reply given

2. Each post also has a checkmark button which the one who created the post or topic can click to show that they have receieved an answer to that question.

Use it or lose it, i just thought this might help appgini forum and make it more engaging and also a way to show some love to those contributing
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