Wish to see a specific feature/change in future releases? Feel free to post it here, and if it gets enough "likes", we'd definitely include it in future releases!
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Post by crnjak » 2022-06-15 07:45

In future release can you integrate some new templates?
AppGini is save my hours and hours of coding but all my apps look same expect some customising css and appginijavascripthelper.
Dont take me wrong Gini is awesome and from version to version is better.
I try to integrate some bootstrap theme but take to much time and results is not what i want.
Alejandro is give us good plugin template but is not for all apps.
Jan also work on custom UI but I dont see some progress.

Moh Youba
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Post by Moh Youba » 2022-06-15 16:56

yes new templates theme are really welcome

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