Create views in AppGini

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Create views in AppGini

Post by sjohn » 2019-04-25 09:31

It would be a good thing if you could create views in AppGini.

You should have the possibility to create a "special" table as a copy of another table. The field definitions should be shown automatically from the "original" and should not be changeable. You should have the possibility to add new fields to the table. A field should be a definition of other fields in AppGini, and where you could reference to another field if you had a one-to-one relation. ( could be a field from a parent table ).
Also calculated fields. If you in a table have field1, field2, field3, and field1 and field2 hold numeric values, then you should be able to define a field7 =field1*field2 and then you in the view have a field7 that shows the calculated value of field1 * field2.

AppGini should then not create the view-table but create the view as defined in the view-table.
And the view-table should be treated as a normal table in AppGini, where you could specify if fields should be shown in table view and/or in detail view and other things apart from fields database definition.

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Re: Create views in AppGini

Post by tvloeimans » 2019-04-25 18:52

I'm also looking for a way to do this.
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Re: Create views in AppGini

Post by a.gneady » 2019-05-08 11:36

This is planned in AppGini roadmap indeed. Stay tuned!
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