Updating multiple records using Batch Action

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Updating multiple records using Batch Action

Post by rprevost » 2019-02-16 20:46

Hello to you all,

Wanting to change the value of a single field in many records (+- 1200), i searched the forum for solutions and suggestions. I emplemented a solution found here : https://forums.appgini.com/phpbb/viewto ... tion#p4183

It worked but it is very weak on the UI and security sides. One can manually modify the URL parameters passed during the process. There is no validation of the decision to go ahead or to cancel the "mass updating" process. The "new value" has to be hand coded and does not take into consideration the type of field and the properties (i.e. fied with lookup values as a choice).

The "Change ownership" menu in the batch actions is an example of robust and professional looking functionality. It would be nice to make it more generic in the sense that the user could choose the field to update and the new value. Confirmation of the decision, being able to update more than one field at the time, being able to update all the records retrieved from the filter or only the displayed records, and possibility to revert to original data. For sure i missed out on some other relevant features.

Mass updating functionality is a must for managing big dataset without having to use PHPMyAdmin. The end users are longing for this.

For sure someone, even the owner of Appgini, can easily create such "plugin" or "hooks" since it is already implemented for ownership updates. Too bad AppGini is not open source. I have paid programmers to improve products such as LimeSurvey. The "plugins" are all public domain so everybody can use them freely (use as is or improve it). If this feature is important for some of you guys, we could pitch in and hire some expert programmer to create it. The final product would be "free" for all owners of the AppGini Pro version.


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Re: Updating multiple records using Batch Action

Post by peebee » 2019-02-17 23:13

Although I can't actually find an Appgini licence agreement anywhere (?), I'm pretty sure it doesn't have any restriction on editing generated code and that the developer Ahmad has no objection to the editing of (generated) source code.

See this: https://forums.appgini.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=743

In fact Ahmad provides a selection of Open Source apps built with Appgini that you are welcome to edit and even invited to "easily customize them by editing the source code": https://bigprof.com/appgini/free-open-s ... plications

If you would like to develop your own Appgini plugin(s) and offer them to the community, I'm pretty sure there would be no objections from anywhere and many grateful users out there.

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Re: Updating multiple records using Batch Action

Post by a.gneady » 2019-02-21 17:46

The good news is that we're currently planning to release a mass updates plugin in a few weeks. It's almost ready now and I'm performing final tests and UI polishing. Stay tuned!
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:arrow: Mass Update plugin: Update multiple records at once and improve your workflow efficiency.
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