Auto-fill functionality improvement

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Auto-fill functionality improvement

Post by rprevost » 2018-12-26 12:06

Hello to you all. Maybe the following feature request has been asked for before but since I did not find it in the Feature Suggestions forum, here it is:

Auto-fill is a great feature (easy to use and powerfull). However, I was faced with one limitation that became rapidly bothersome for me. The limitation is that it is not possible to link the auto-fill to a specific field in the child table. This limitation becomes annoying with two distinct fields in the child table are using dropdown values from the same parent table. In that case, the auto-fill is linked to the first lookup field only.

For example: humans table (parent table) and projects table (child table)
In the projects table, there is one field for the responsible person name with auto-fill fields for the phone number and email of this responsible person. The responsible person name field is a dropdown field listing all the humans (or some if needed) in the humans table.
Now, in the projects table, there is another field for the secretary person name with auto-fill fields for the phone number and email of this secretary person.

At the moment, v. 5.72, it is not possible to do this (I did not find the way to do it with auto-fill).

A human as entered in a single humans table can be a responsible person or (and) a secretary person on any given project. So it makes sense to use only one table for all humans (parent table).

I rely on the jugment of the creator of AppGini for deciding the pertinence of this request.


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Re: Auto-fill functionality improvement

Post by pböttcher » 2018-12-29 11:54

agree with your proposal.

If you need this option, one way might be that you create a "second" table (humans table2)in AppGini to mirror the first table, so this table will be available in the selection for the lookup, and on your DB side you just replace the created second table (humans table2) by a VIEW which mirrors your first table (humans table)

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Re: Auto-fill functionality improvement

Post by a.gneady » 2019-01-03 14:18

Thanks for the insightful suggestion. I've added it to our backlog for implementing in future releases .. possibly by having a drop-down where you can select the linked non-auto-fill lookup field when the 'auto-fill' option is checked.
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