Backups of .axp files

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Backups of .axp files

Post by wronan » 2018-10-25 22:48

It would be great if every time the .axp file is saved a numbered auto-backup is created. Some changes really seem to break the app so a rollback of the originating data would be a great feature.

In some of the videos it shows using git to track the auto-generated files but I think the input .axp file is the one that needs to be version contrilled. These .axp files are small (tiny when zipped, e.g. 225k -> 6k) so it would be feasible to have 100's of these files stored locally. Maybe automatically zipped on creation.

Even if there are no fancy tools for rollback or diffing. Just making a numbered copy of every save as well as the current 'live' unnumbered copy would be very useful.

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Re: Backups of .axp files

Post by sjohn » 2018-10-29 10:40

+1 to this.
Great idea.

The automatic backup should be zip'd and maybe instead of a number a date/time-stamp could be in the filename.

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Re: Backups of .axp files

Post by a.gneady » 2018-10-31 11:02

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I'll consider it for implementation in future versions.
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