Suggesting about template file

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Suggesting about template file

Post by bambinou » 2017-04-21 10:28


It would be nice if the app could generate an empty template file that has all the necessary code for the permissions.

Something like:


Permission code here from appgini

----Our hard coded content---


I just cannot work out how to create my own pages, I do not know what settings I have to pass as default.


R Tammam
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Re: Suggesting about template file

Post by R Tammam » 2017-12-12 17:41

Hello bambinou,

actually there is some thing like that in appgini , you can add your own custom page and add any permissions to it

if you visited ... cess-pages

you can find
1- How to make your own custom page
2- Control access to the page
3-Integrate the page appearance into your application
4-Link to the page from other pages

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