Hooks Training Class

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Hooks Training Class

Post by rpierce » 2024-02-09 00:03

It would be nice if Ahmed or one of the Superusers could put together a course that teaches us non-coder types the basics of writing useable hooks. I've had to borrow from what I can glean from this forum. Understanding how the hooks work would be nice for me. I'd gladly pay for the course.


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Re: Hooks Training Class

Post by D Oliveira » 2024-02-13 16:49

There's no real mistery, hooks files dont get replaced on appgini auto gen and you can use php code to intercept events like before/after insertion/save to manipulate sql statements and create/update/delete database values. I'd suggest using chat gpt and code samples from this forum to make sense of the basics and after you master that you can move onto ajax calls, sanitizing parameters and using html+javascript to call back end php files.

There's no way a "no-coder" will write efficient, secure, user friendly code that performs well without a solid understanding of the underlying architecture and its implications, so ultimately there will be the need for you to chase information and learn independently without spoon fed solutions which is unfortunately what we all instinctively seek as humans.

A great starting point is here https://bigprof.com/appgini/help/advanced-topics

You can then look at the amazing js lib Jan has created and how to use it, and after that you will mostly edit tablename-dv.js files and a combinations of hooks + custom php files. I suggest not editing auto generated templates and just use javascript to mutate the html elements as needed.

The key point here is to identify repeated patterns and how to use them, that will ultimately make you a powerful developer within the appgini "framework"

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