Wish to see a specific feature/change in future releases? Feel free to post it here, and if it gets enough "likes", we'd definitely include it in future releases!
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Post by composer » 2023-11-30 12:53

So far, I like AppGini but it is missing one very important feature - a graphical form editor. Every table should have a form editor that can be used to stylize that table and the entire site as a whole. As a web developer, I rely on graphic as well as code editors to make attractive sites. Functional is not good enough. I have clients demanding their finished product look a certain way. I can get the job done with AppGini as far as the database, but I see no real way to graphically edit the results.


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Re: Request

Post by jsetzer » 2023-11-30 13:53

This is just my personal opinion:

You are right, this would be great. There are other low code products on the market which have such. But those are at a totally different price level. I've seen products at least for several hundreds and even for several thousands of dollars. Just today I have seen a platform for more than 11,000 $ (eleven thousand) for professional version and even more for enterprise version. And even those platforms have their limits and missing features.

We always get what we pay for. At any time we can consider purchasing a different product. It's a make-or-buy decision.

But actually, I am not willing to pay that much, because my customers will never pay me that much for the final product.

Instead, I am using my web development skills (PHP, Javascript and CSS) to customize my forms, which, thanks to the awesome hook-options in AppGini, radically increases the possibilities.

Again, this is just my opinion. I am really grateful that BigProf gives us such a great product which allows us to provide a fully working responsive web application to our customers or our own company at day one with all that database migrations, security and smart user-/group-permission-stuff. I have seen and tested dozens over the years and still using AppGini for many good reasons.
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Re: Request

Post by D Oliveira » 2023-12-01 04:31

I’ll take a quick minute to reinforce Jan’s point.

I love appgini for the data engine that it provides. It has parity with modern php versions, user management, security features, js libs, amazing customer support.

It’s relatively straightforward to steal the data from the appgini side with custom php and inject that in your front end framework setup with react, vue or whatever, you can even export figma layouts code in (html/css/js) and stitch the php data in…

So I don’t hold appgini accountable to provide a responsive, modern, complex front end interface, I see it as an awesome CRM back end system that delivers wonderful service.

I wouldn’t expect to hold a back end framework (which is kind of Appgini’s proposal) to become a component driven toolkit but those are just my two cents.

If you take a deeper look at the changelog of release versions I think it’s pretty clear that the design goal is to properly provide management control rather than customer facing convenience.

My recommendation is to not expect Appgini to be more magical than it already is, it’s mainly a developer roadmap step that you have to take to use the proper tools for the proper products.

Hope that provides a good insight, 


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Re: Request

Post by SkayyHH » 2023-12-07 08:40

PHPRunner has that form designer and is also a great tool too. I use AppGini because I have customer installations and updating the database fields is integrated. That takes away a lot of problems for me.

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