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Word report

Posted: 2019-07-17 11:04
by mekin
Hello, does anyone know a great way to import MYSQL data into Word-templates.
If I use mailmerge, then I cannot choose the records, it will merge all records of the selected table.

Or are there users who use other apps to generate/fill Word-templates/reports in a user-friendly-way.

Re: Word report

Posted: 2019-07-17 11:09
by pböttcher

you can have a look at
I use it in some projects and it works quite nicely.

Re: Word report

Posted: 2019-07-18 05:20
by mekin
Thanks @pböttcher, I took a look at it and (finally) get it working on my webhosting.
It's not as easy as the Appgini-setup ;) and you must have PHP-knowledge to get it started and creating a document.

I was actually looking for something a bit more locally, like a Windows-GUI-application.
Where you can open a Word-template and like mail-merge, you can edit it.
Like I said, mail-merge would do the trick for me, but I didn't figured out how to dynamically add tables with records.

I found this, but also this is not easy to setup: ... ables.html

Are there other options?

Re: Word report

Posted: 2019-07-18 05:55
by jsetzer
It's not free but easy to integrate with AppGini:


There is a free trial which is embedding some watermark into the generated documents.


Re: Word report

Posted: 2019-07-18 09:26
by mekin
Thanks @jsetzer, PHPDocX also needs some PHP-knowledge.
I found something else, are there here users that know this tool.
This is actually what I'm looking for, as I can see, it's user-friendly for my co-workers to create documents.