append button to field in DV form

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append button to field in DV form

Post by landinialejandro » 2019-05-20 15:09

in this opportunity I leave a code to add a button to the end of the fields.
This button will allow you to inform the user about a problem in the field and to solve it.
Normally I use it in fields where a calculated value is shown, but the user modifies it. Or if they are fields where the value presented comes from another table and the user is left with the possibility of modifying it, such as the value of an article.
it is entirely in jquery and can be placed as a global library or placed in .js as needed.
It also manages the events of each added button in the same form.

You can download it in git-hub and you can also see the example of use there.

There are some other things.

enjoy it

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