data entry in table view

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data entry in table view

Post by arminjavan » 2015-05-20 09:29

I am newbi and want a form to enter data directly in table view.
becouse i need to enter data speedly an massly but the defult data entry section is one by one.
is there any soloution?
sorry for my bad english skills! :)

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Re: data entry in table view

Post by a.gneady » 2015-05-21 00:49

This is a feature already requested by many users in another thread and we plan to implement it in the next release. Stay tuned :)
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Re: data entry in table view

Post by arminjavan » 2015-05-21 05:43


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Re: data entry in table view

Post by table_otto » 2015-06-02 16:41

That sounds realy good - I miss this feature too ...

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Re: data entry in table view

Post by shasta59 » 2015-06-03 18:23

One way to do what you want. (Well more than one)

While not a free or upgrade solution I have been using Navicat for MySql for quite a while now and it allows me to create a bunch of records quickly. Copy and paste then make changes. It also allows me to access the database tables and made corrections or change one field very quickly. It has a lot of juice. You can do a bunch of this in PhpMyAdmin but I find Navicat easier and more powerful. Just one more tool in the tool chest.

Or you can also, if you have the records in a csv file format, import them that way.

I used the CSV format to import just under 1000 records and then used the admin section to assign owner(s) in no time. Total process for 972 records was under 5 minutes as the data existed already - just not in the online app.

Or take your base record, export it into CSV format, open in excel, copy the record and paste into another row and make changes as needed. Then using the csv import feature of AppGini bring them back in and then assign owners. It is fast, easy and this allows you to have someone else create records for you in Excel without having to touch the database. Just make sure the columns in Excel are in the same order as your fields in your AppGini application.

If you have data in other databases etc then just export it out, import into Excel, put the columns in the right order to import into your AppGini application and away you go.

Whatever you do, always backup your database first using PhpMyadmin or something else which allows you to make a backup copy. Do this before importing etc.

Hope this helps.

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Re: data entry in table view

Post by HaroldNHulsey » 2015-07-22 08:59

Thank you for ask this question data entry in table view because I also Known about it. Several days I tried to learn about it and didn't get any answers.

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Re: data entry in table view

Post by lectura » 2019-11-27 19:44

This is 2019, Is there hope for the function being actualized in appgini? Am worried we need this feature like decade ago. Admin any hopes of this feature soon?

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Re: data entry in table view

Post by jsetzer » 2019-11-27 20:19

This is my personal opinion only

Although I can understand your request for editable tables and really would like to have this option myself, I guess there is a very good reason why noone has ever posted a good hook-only solution:

It is very complicated :!:

Whoever makes up his/her mind about this will soon see that there are many hurdles to take in PHP and Javascript:
  • Doing this for inputs like varchar is not too complicated. This can be done with "contenteditable" attribute and some AJAX + some serverside PHP script.
  • Datatypes like date or datetime is a bit more complicated because you need to find out and apply user's locales for date-formatting, for example yyyy-mm-dd or or ...
  • It is the same for numeric datatypes. You need to get and format according to the locales, for example 1,234.000 vs. 1.234,99 vs 1'234.99...
  • And it is even much more complicated for lookups because you need much more logic and permission-checking server side before you can offer a dropdown inside the datatable. You have to consider inherited permission etc.
  • what about images? upload directly to table?
  • what about multi-select options?
  • what about richtext?
  • what about validation of input before storing to db?
  • you need to consider readonly fields
  • ...
So for me this would mean a lot of coding (=weeks) to get a first hooks-only version running. This does not make sense for me, so I keep going with the editable forms + some custom buttons in the table view.

Kind regards,
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Re: data entry in table view

Post by cwesthuizen » 2023-07-25 18:24

I agree with you. But maybe if there was one that could do only the basics :-) I will keep on hoping.
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