AppGini beta releases (Pro users only)

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AppGini beta releases (Pro users only)

Post by a.gneady » 2013-04-29 13:11

Hi all,

It's been a long time since I last posted anything here. I've been so busy working on the new release of AppGini, and on another related application that I'll talk about later .. So, I apologize for my long absence. And I'd like to deeply thank all the moderators for doing a great job of maintaining the forum during this time.

Some of you might have already noticed this: I'm now making the beta version of AppGini available through the pro download area at ... (you'll need your AppGini order number and the email address you used during ordering to access it) ... The beta is for adventurers only :D You can view it more as a nightly build than a stable beta, so I won't recommend using its output in a production environment until I release it officially. Your feedback and bug reports are, as usual, always welcome.

I'll continually update this post with the change log as I upload new betas. Consider this change log as what's new since the latest official release. Some points might look vague/uncomprehensible ... forgive me for that, I'm copying them from my repository comments directly without editing. The official change log at would be refined and edited for clarity.

Official release of AppGini 5.10 became available by: June 10, 2013
Change log since AppGini 5.0
  • * Applied pagination alignment to the top buttons
    * Faster loading of admin area homepage
    * Fixed a bug with boolean values in parent/children matrix
    * children records > child records
    * fixed CSS reference link in theme editor
    * bug fix in child records in some occasions
    * ensure that admin icon is always generated
    * fixed bug with overwriting "administrator.png"
    * implemented displaying grand parent lookup values
    * lookups that point to caption fields that are in turn lookups now display the exact content of the parent lookups (including composite lookups)
    * bug fix in linking to children records.
    * Fixed a bug with pagination not working when DV is in same page as TV.
    * Autofill lookups now supported for multi-level lookups.
    * stripping rather than escaping of HTML tags in combos.
    * Changed hooks to include doxygen documentation by default.
    * Added option to remove "Powered by AppGini"
    * Application generation log: added error details when a file fails to be generated.
    * bug fix when linking to children records in the DV when the lookup field is multi-level
    * DVP: modified CSS to force no-wrap of field caption
    * classic homepage theme: fixed centering bug
    * "Go to page" drop down is now js-generated, and displays a partial list of pages for performance
    * Added more log details on file generation errors
    * Implemented the "go to page" max items as a configurable setting in app preferences
    * Modified app preferences form to categorize preferences by "General", "Project", "Table" and "Field"
    * Fixed tab title encoding issues in parent-children views
    * Fixed option list unicode UTF8 bugs
    * Default encoding is now UTF-8
    * Fixed UTF8 bugs when exporting to CSV
    * Fixed a bug when specific data is added to a field used as the caption for a radio buttons lookup field.
    * "Embedded" property persists in the modalBox
    * "Back" button now closes the modalBox in "embedded" mode rather than displays the table view
    * Fixed bug with custom SQL of lookups not being copied when copying/pasting a field.
    * Added code for updating children links and parent children settings upon renaming child tables
    * State of file overwriting is now stored in the project to avoid having to manually specify files to keep/overwrite when generating later
    * fixed bugs in passing $data['selectedID'] to the after_update hook
    * Added passing of Embedded parameter during redirection after inserting /updating
    * Fixed bug when a cascaded drop down is pre-selected via a filter, the parent (filterer) drop down is now pre-selected as well.
    * bug fix in child view with checkbox fields
    * styling children tabs to not take the full page width.
    * added support for --generate command line option which causes app generation of specified project file, using the output folder and the overwrite settings saved to the project.
    * Anonymous users don't see "Browse as guest" if no tables can be accessed.
    * added displaying revision info in the about box for the beta version
    * bug fix when trying to re-order a field while being renamed
    * Added a link to download language files beside the encoding drop-down.
    * Added hint on how to add more table icons
    * bug fix in redirectAfterInsert value
    * Added msstdfmt.dll into the setup
    * Fixed a bug where deleting a field set as parent caption field for some lookup field caused code generation errors
    * Changed project icon in treeview to be consistent with toolbar icon
    * Fixed some file dependency errors.
    * Added wiaaut.dll to list of dependencies during setup
    * Modified field delete confirmation for PK fields to warn of lookup field resets
    * Added cleanup code on deleting fields to reset lookup fields / set parent captions to existing fields
    * Fixed bug where project path wasn't displayed in window title on first open
    * Fixed a bug where IE back button would cause a "page has expired" issue in several cases
    * Fixed content encoding in admin area.
    * Support for memcache and memcached PHP session handlers
    * Implemented copying/pasting from Windows clipboard via xml strings. This enables copying tables/fields between multiple instances of AppGini rather than only one.
    * added loadTable(), func_get_args_byref(), html_attr() functions to incCommon.php
    * removed repeated action buttons in multi DVP
    * Corrected "Print preview" to "Print" for buttons that start printing the page
    * renamed print.gif to print-preview.gif for clarity
    * added a print.png icon
    * added a print icon to DVP
    * added fallback code for IE8 in child views to fix modalbox bug
    * bug fix when opening a project via the Open dialog.
    * Fixed a bug that prevented sorting tables correctly
    * removed unnecessary fieldnameChanged() js call from auto-completes
    * corrected auto-complete location when page is scrolled down
    * added explanation to the PK update option in CSV upload page
    * Fixed bug in DVP where new lines where ignored for text area fields
    * when CTRL is pressed while clicking on the Generate icon, quick generation is performed using the last output folder and the last overwrite settings for the current project.
    * Changed auto-complete style
    * Fixed a bug with the clipboard monitor
    * All types of lookups are now loaded via ajax .. this dramatically decreases page load times on large lookups
    * New setup page, much easier and cleaner
    * Added optional filterer_{fieldname} parameter that causes TV to be filtered by the actual stored value of given filterer lookup.
    * Displayed check box in filters page to toggle applying filterer if sent as a parameter.
    * "Show all" besides clearing filters, now clears filterers
    * links to child tables above DV now use filterer_{fieldname} variable rather than the inaccurate filters method
    * Changed password reset tool to use a db-stored reset key that expires within 24 hours.
    * Added application_url() function.
    * AppGini settings are now stored in appgini-config.xml rather than in the registry
    * Suppress mysql connection error, and show reconfigure advice for admin area.
    * optimized ownership assignment by adding unique index on pkValue and tableName, and using insert ignore
    * pageAssignOwners.php: fixed submit behavior in IE & Webkit
    * implemented automatic admin login after successful setup
    * displaying new lines properly in child tabs
    * displaying "no matches found" rather than "records 1 to 0 of 0" for empty TV, TVP
    * bug fix for auto-fills in read-only DV
EDIT: I styled new features in the above list to be in bold so you can quickly know what's new without having to read all of the list.
EDIT on June 16, 2013: Update the above list to show all change from 5.0 up to the official 5.10 release that was made 6 days ago.
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