AppGini 5.81 changelog

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AppGini 5.81 changelog

Post by a.gneady » 2019-10-15 11:00

We've just released AppGini 5.81 today. This is mainly a hot fix release, addressing issues reported in 5.80 that occurred in some server configurations. But it also contains several UI enhancements as well as a new command line parameter, --log. We highly recommend that 5.80 users upgrade to the new version. Here is a list of changes:
  • Fixed issue where copying child records didn't work correctly on some server configurations.
  • Added new config.php param, 'host', for use when copying child records.
  • Fixed behavior of 'Same as project file' button in "Specify Output Folder" window (switching to the same folder where the project file is stored).
  • PHP API: added backtick_keys_once($arr) to apply backticks around given array keys.
  • Fixed issue with inserting data to fields named like mysql keywords.
  • Removed code for stripping last comma in array lists to make diffs more precise.
  • Fixed a bug where some projects failed to load in AppGini.
  • Bug fix in admin/incFunctions.php#insert() and update().
  • Fixed a bug in populating calculated fields in detail view.
  • Added link to mass update plugin in add-ons menu.
  • AppGini command line: Added support for --log {path-to-log-file} parameter for saving generation log to provided file name.
  • Fixed: Focus correctly on first element in form if it's a rich text or select2 drop-down.
  • Added selected/skipped files counter in 'files list' window when generating apps.
  • Displaying output folder path in files list window.
  • Fixed: Preserve size of generation log window if resized by user.
  • files list window is resizable.
  • Calculated fields: Child table: Refresh button updates calculations.
  • Calculated fields: Fixed issue where calculated fields returning HTML displayed source code in table view.
Upgrading to 5.81 is free of charge for all users who already have (or eligibel to free upgrade to) 5.80. If your latest order is dated October 1, 2018 or newer, you can upgrade for free by signing in to To download AppGini, please use this link:

If your latest order is older than October 1, 2018, you can sign in to the same link above to place an upgrade order for $39.95.
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