Sign up for our new video course on customizing your AppGini applications

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Sign up for our new video course on customizing your AppGini applications

Post by a.gneady » 2016-05-02 17:27

Dear AppGini users,

I've Just Launched An Online Course That Will Save You A Fortune!
You may already know that AppGini provides a way to customize and expand your web applications using hook functions.

But, if you're like many AppGini users who spent a lot of time trying to get hooks working correctly, you know how frustrating and time-consuming it might get. And to save the time and frustration, you might opt for hiring a developer ... but hold on! The cost of this entire course is probably less than what you'd pay for hiring a developer for 1 hour of work!

I want to save you all that time, effort, and cost. So, I've recorded 4.5 hours of video lessons explaining in detail 30 practical examples, featuring more than 500 lines of code that cover the most common hook questions we receive from users.

In this course, you'll learn how to:
  • customize the login page,
  • add links to the main page and show the count of records,
  • organize long forms into tabs or change their layout,
  • change the filters page to look more friendly and efficient,
  • add custom buttons to forms to extend their functionality,
  • create invoices and similar report types,
  • add validation rules to forms to enforce business rules,
  • perform calculations on the fly,
  • and automatically update an order total field as items get added to the order.
Click here to learn more and preview some of the lessons in this course.

All the code we'll write in the course will be explained in a clear easy-to-follow pace so that you can write your own code afterwards.

Moreover, I'll continue adding more and more lectures to expand the course and include additional examples.

By signing up now, you'll also get all future lectures for free. You'll have unlimited access to the course as it never expires. And you can learn using your PC, tablet or mobile, anytime, anywhere.

And if you follow the course link in this post, you can get the course for only $45 instead of $50.
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:arrow: Mass Update plugin: Update multiple records at once and improve your workflow efficiency.
:arrow: Summary Reports plugin: Build powerful reports and charts for your AppGini apps.
:arrow: Search Page Maker: Compose user-friendly yet powerful search pages for your AppGini apps.

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