AppGini 5.31 full changelog

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AppGini 5.31 full changelog

Post by a.gneady » 2015-01-12 20:26

Hi everyone!

I'm glad to announce that we've just released AppGini 5.31. It's mainly a stabilization release, including many bug fixes, UI and performance enhancements. No new features introduced here, but a major new release is coming soon! A few reported bugs didn't make it into this release unfortunately, but we're working hard on fixing them and issuing AppGini 5.32 within a few weeks.

Here is a full list of changes. Please note that this list has been copied from the comments in our Git repository, so some points might be vague, but feel free to ask if you need any clarifications.

* Bug fix when inserting records inside an embedded window
* allow no-strict default dates in comparing fields in admin > Rebuild Fields
* Table title in TV and DV is a link to the initial TV
* Highlight selected options in permissions edit pages
* Sanitizing FilterOperator against SQL injection
* Fixed bug with the select2 drop-down showing in read-only mode
* Added twitter feed to admin homepage
* Added admin setting to hide twitter feed
* Save a copy of uploaded file value when saving a copy of a record
* Fixed 2 XSS vulnerabilities and an SQL injection one produced by pen-testing
* Fixed a js bug where empty lookups cause "Save" button to stay disabled
* Fixed typos in context help
* Appending embedded mode to all links in embedded DV
* hide children links in DV in embedded mode
* Refactored parts of the js code in templateDV to use jQuery only and have add_new_mode flag
* Fixed bug with passing Embedded parameter to child links on top of DV
* Bug fixes in insert and update dml queries
* Added more checks and better warning styles to setup script (checking mysql, iconv, gd, writable images folder)
* Fixed creation date/time bug on updates
* Setup page UI improvements
* Bug fixes in setupMembership()
* Added skip_authentication parameter to getTablesList (optional, default is false)
* Generated code style fixes
* Fixed bug with detecting project changes on re-ordering fields/tables.
* Optimized getMemberInfo() to cache its results
* Optimized performance of setupMembership() and getTablePermissions() by minimizing queries and caching results
* Fixed bug where data loss occurred when users clicked save while a lookup ajax is loading
* Fixed bugs with glyph icons in some themes
* Modified document.observe prototype js code to jquery alternative
* Fixed a bug in db_escape
* Fixed bugs with the mysqli driver functions
* Updated caching headers to recommended settings for dynamic pages according to the thread @ stackoverflow
* Updated context help screenshots
* Fixed comments containing hyphens for more valid HTML
* Fixed appearance of select2 dropdowns in compact theme
* Fixed illegal string offset errors when passing a non-existing SelectedID
* Child tables: added table-bordered class for better readability when there is numeric data.
* db.php: fixed db_insert_id() errors
* Fixed issues with title attribute of panels in homepage
* Removed the "Copy properties from" drop down due to redundancy as the copy/paste feature already does the job much easier.
* Some fixes to homepage appearance.
* Fixed quick search box appearance.
* Added get_sql_fields() and get_sql_from() functions to incFunctions.php for better future ajax wrappers support
* Modified some text and tab indexing in AppGini UI for consistency
* Fixed date/time format values in new config() function
* Changed config vars to use config() function
* Removed manual tab ordering of input fields, leaving it to the browser for a better result.
* Fixed a bug in dynamic.css.php
* Added a check for iconv support in setup
* Fixed drop-down width on mobile devices
* Disabled child modals in all versions of IE rather than just IE7 and 8 till an IE-compatible modal is utilized.
* Fixed "Tab title" box in "Parent/children settings" window showing ??? when storing UTF-8 characters into it
* Improved the appearance of the setup success page
* Fixed the display of read-only web and email links in DV
* Fixed url issue when apps are installed to document root rather than a subfolder
* Fixed bug: \r (and \n) converted to rr when importing CSV
* Automatically disable 3D effects for any themes not labeled "Bootstrap"
* Fixed bug when saving the generated app to network locations without permission
* "Rebuild fields": treat "zerofill" and "unsigned zerofill" as being the same thing.
* Added "overflow: hidden" to TV cells to prevent long fields from overlapping
* Removed white background colors from filters page to prevent incompatibility with some themes.
* Fixed a bug where fields named "ID" where auto-changed to "id" in the database.
* bug fix in csv hook
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Re: AppGini 5.31 full changelog

Post by a.gneady » 2015-02-12 06:40

We've released a new revision of 5.31 today (revision 686). This revision includes the following fixes:
  • Fixed a js error that caused the "Save" button to be disabled under some circumstances.
  • Fixed the navigation menu height when there are too many tables: a vertical scroll bar would be displayed if the height exceeds 400 pixels ... this can be customized in the generated dynamic.css.php file.
  • Fixed an error when trying to skip some read-only files during code generation.
  • Hiding the "Continue browsing as guest" link under the login form if no tables are available for anonymous access.
You can download the new revision from the download page on the site.
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:idea: Learn all the tips and tricks of customizing AppGini apps through our online course.

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