AppGini 23.16 change log

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AppGini 23.16 change log

Post by a.gneady » 2023-10-17 21:46

Hi everyone!

We've released AppGini 23.16 today. This is a maintenance release with many UI enhancements and bug fixes. Here is a link to the full change log of AppGini. For your convenience, here is the list of changes in this particular release:

UI/UX enhancements
  • Apply user's locale to moment on page load.
  • Fix demo message hit area on high dpi screens.
  • Fix query helper dialog height issues on some screen resolutions.
  • Base default icon size on screen DPI instead of assuming a specific size.
  • Fix cropped variables list in calculated fields pane in high DPI screens.
  • Better eye icon (Settings > Upload key).
  • Remove twitter icon and add change log link in help menu.
  • Add large table view icons (for high DPI screens).
  • Add empty cells corresponding to child info columns in the sum row under table view.
  • Fix upload progress bug when reaching 100%.
  • Remove changes scan progress % which is inaccurate and unpredictable, show 'please wait' instead, and show hourglass.
  • Adjust toolbar icon sizes to 32 (small) and 64 (large).
Bug fixes
  • Fix retrieval and caching of YouTube and google map fields when app encoding is 4-byte UTF8.
  • Graceful handling of errors in custom lookup queries.
  • Don't cache numbers in makeSafe() to avoid cases like '3.5' being equivalent to '3' in array indexes.
  • Preserve decimals for floats styles using locale-float CSS class.
  • Fix YouTube thumbnail dimensions in some scenarios.
  • Fix non-Latin child info column titles.
  • Fix issue in save_config().
  • Create server dirs recursively in file-uploader.php.
  • Correctly detect https connections when running behind a proxy (fixing redirection issues when trying to access admin area, children count errors, and issues during copying of child records).
  • Hide empty child info column when generating app from projects saved prior to 23.15.
Client-side programmatic improvements
  • Update moment.js to latest release.

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