Custom header above the actual header

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Custom header above the actual header

Post by agerhardt » 2022-03-28 15:30


I'm new to appgini and I found it great to do some basic operations with a DB without deap knowing of php and mysql.

For a multilang project I'm locking for a way to introduce my own header with some links ABOVE the actual header for all situations (loogedIn od not, Admin or user, etc. etc.)
If I'm right, the actual header are coming from a css file (resources/initialzr/css/bootstrap.css)
That's a little strange:-)
I don't found a possibility to introduce this header via hooks/header-extras.php

So my question:

1) How can I introduce a custom header with static links ABOVE the actual header?

2) I realize that the generated code don't work inside a folder on the server.
(My idea was to put every generated code in various languages in his own folder: german in /de, polish in /pl, italian in /it, etc.)

Is there a way to run the generated code inside a folder?
(I'm working with the version 22.12 on win10 64 bit)
Additional question can be asked in german to.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Best regards, Adrian

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