Thank you BigProf Software

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Thank you BigProf Software

Post by rprevost » 2020-03-26 18:04

Hello to you all,

This is a testimony to show my deepest gratitude to BigProf Sofware and particularly to Mr Genedy for his highly valued skills and compassion in this hard time. Mr. Genedy generously gave me his time and expertise to find and implement a solution to a critical problem that needed to be resolved quickly. Thousands of working hours have been saved. Thanks again.

If you have some spare time, this is the short version of what happened.

Because of the COVID-19 situation, I was asked to add a couple of choices in the status field of a "Training courses management tool" i created close to 3 years ago. Since then close to 10K training courses have been easily managed. Few days ago, the manager asked me to add Canceled-COVID-19 and Interrupted-COVID-19 to the option list during entry and in a mass update function i implemented with Mass Update plugin two years ago. At the moment I am using AG 5.8.2 and I know that Mass Update does not work well with this version. Also, the staff is working almost 16 hours a day to manage the training courses because our government want to accelerate the graduation process of essential services (nurses, social workers, etc.). Without those two new options the needed reports would have taken an eternity to produce. I could not take a chance to break the Mass Update plugin functions (6 crucial ones that are uses all the time). The option list for the status field was hard coded (Option list tab). It was not a design mistake since the staff and admin people assured me that the 6 choices the wanted would never change. Then came COVID-19. So I decided to fiddle with the dml file directly to add the choices. It worked but the Mass Update did not reflect the changes. This is when I decided to take my chance with BigProf support. I explained the situation and within few minutes Mr. Genedy graciously helped me. He suggested that instead of modifying the dml file, I could be adding the options into a file in hooks folder, naming it tablename.fieldname.csv. I did not know that. I tried it and "voilà" the drop down menu in the entry form was fixed. However the function in the Mass Update plugin did not work. In the past I screwed up with this plugin while attempting to modify some function. I did not want to play with it while people were using the tool intensively. Here again, Mr. Genedy came up with a very easy solution that worked (changing the js file in the hooks folder). After a Hard Reset in Google Chrome it worked. Validated the working of Mass Update. My day was saved.

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Re: Thank you BigProf Software

Post by kanklovitch » 2020-03-27 21:32

Yes Ahmad is one remarkable guy. Not only did he create an amazing essential tool to help manage my business but the quality of his mind and the warmth of his heart somehow manage to show through on all of his communications. The very sound of his voice on his tutorials has a calming effect on me. Is it possible to actually love someone you will never meet? Yes Ahmad is the living proof that kind of love is possible.

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Re: Thank you BigProf Software

Post by a.gneady » 2020-03-28 13:31

Oh .. that's so very touching @rprevost and Kan ... Thank you so much for your awesome words, and thank you much more for giving me the chance to make a little dent in the universe with AppGini :)
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