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redirect to https

Posted: 2019-08-11 09:41
by fgazza
Hi everyone,
I would like to solve the annoying problem of the "unsafe site" message that appears in the browser navigation bar. In reality the problem is not the message but the fact that the non-https navigation is actually not safe.
Here is my question:
how can I set up an automatic redirect of the whole site created with appgini on https protocol?

Thanks to those who can help me.


Re: redirect to https

Posted: 2019-08-11 16:26
by onoehring
Hi Fabiano,

as AppGini works fine with https (applications I generated work fine over https)

a) just set up your webprovider to forward http to https.
b) Google how to set up .htaccess to forward all http to https ( see: ... w#13997498 )
c) correct your navigation links. Make sure, all links and images etc. are requested using https