Emergency (SOS) App

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Emergency (SOS) App

Post by jmbodla » 2019-06-23 22:39

Humble greetings everyone
I was wondering if there can be any suggestions for an emergency app by AppGini. This comes from the fact that, where I am domiciled, it has become an everyday activity to 'prey on' innocent women by way of sexually assaulting them while they are on board a taxi. Let me give you a picture; here we have what we call "circle taxis" that pick up passengers from one point to another within the residential unit areas. So, the modus operandi is that a woman would board a circle taxi to another unit area and the driver would change direction and drive (kidnap) with the lady to the nearby bushes and rape her. This happened again yesterday and as we just reported for duty, my one colleague had to attend to yet another victim and as she was obtaining a statement from her, I just imagined " Now that I purchased the AppGini software, is n't there a way to create/build an app where people can register as members and as soon as they board a taxi, they would immediately input the details of the 'vehicle' (using their smartphones), including the vehicle registration number (as displayed on the plate); this they may capture as they are about to get into the taxi, The description of the vehicle, for example, the Make, color etc..I think this may also greatly assist the authorities in conducting their investigation. The information may be deleted after a day or two, in case no incident took place during that particular trip. The app may include the location (with the assistance of Google API's), panic button functionality (if possible)
Any suggestions? Thanking you in advance

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Re: Emergency (SOS) App

Post by jsetzer » 2019-06-24 05:33

Hi jmbodla,

your post impressed me and touched me and I'm angry about those crimes still happening nowadays. I have some experience with AppGini and will try to help you on that project.

For sure we can build a web-app for storing that data and deleting after n days.

There are some things to consider:
  • The users will need online internet access wherever they are
  • Are there any legal restrictions about storing that data, for example it could be illegal to take a photo of the car or of the driver
  • How can we find out and handle misuse of the app, for example some competitor blaming other drivers
If it was my project, I would start by collecting requirements and possible obstacles, then design the database model (ERM).

Kind Regards,

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Re: Emergency (SOS) App

Post by a.gneady » 2019-06-25 16:42

That's very touching ... yes @jmbodla ... AppGini can certainly help ... I'm impressed to see Jan willing to help ... you're going to be in safe hands :)
I'm willing to contribute hosting and an easy to remember domain name, and of course any technical help needed. Maybe we could set this up as a Github repository, Jan, once you get an answer to the above questions?
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