question new version AppGini 5.73 and 74

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question new version AppGini 5.73 and 74

Post by landrea » 2019-02-09 13:19

I have right to upgrade my appgini to the new version,
I have two questions

1) log report say we have now a new password system (more secure)
question is if I can still copy the database from local host mysql to online mysql
(I mean with the function you export and import slq file) or with the new system
this is not possible

2) what happen if I have a project wiht a old version (5.72) and I use the new version?
what I have to do for preserve compatibilty?


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Re: question new version AppGini 5.73 and 74

Post by a.gneady » 2019-02-20 13:57

I'm quoting a note we included with the upgrade announcement that answers your question:
AppGini 5.73 introduces a new, more secure method of storing password hashes for users. This method works only on PHP 5.5 and higher. Your apps would still work on older versions of PHP, but in this case password hashes will continue to use the same less secure method used before.

When upgrading your app to AppGini 5.73, existing password hashes will be upgraded to the new algorithm if PHP 5.5 or higher found. So, if you decide to downgrade to older versions of AppGini, user logins won't work.

For this reason, we highly recommend that you create a database backup first before upgrading any existing app. You can do this easily from the Admin Area > Utilties menu > Database backups. If you decide to downgrade later, you should then restore the membership_users table from that backup.
I'd like to add that the new version automatically upgrades your old database to use the new password hashing method. You don't need to perform any manual steps for this to take place.
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