New development

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New development

Post by arcanebits » 2018-12-10 23:50

Hi, After looking the majority of videos there is no doubt of the power of AppGini, but I need to make some questions in order to be a 100% Sure of my steps since once decided I will Marry AppGini for WebApps and work it so hard and become a Shaman on it... :D :lol: (Also a very active member)

To start I will make a Small Payroll System, as I read that it can be done relatively easy on the documentation when I was looking to purchase it. My question is: "Does Anyone Tried a WebApp like that?, and with the basics, how much code or not at all was needed to be adjusted"

The main arrow Question into that will be: "How can AppGini make (Summ All Hours from UserX and Datebetweb (Start and finish the payment cicle) then calc them?

I come from the Good Old FoxPro as a database geek, now doing the things the "MariaDB" way, as for code, been on the C, C++, C# (still on that one). So I hope that background help me to get on.

Thanks for your comments guys!

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Re: New development

Post by a.gneady » 2018-12-12 10:59

Welcome to the forum, Arcanebits :)

Since you already have database and programming experience, things would be easy to grasp with AppGini in no time. I'd start with planning the database schema, creating the AppGini project, generating the application. Once you have something running, and start testing it, you'd easily see what needs to be adjusted, what's missing, .. etc. You can easily edit your project in AppGini to fix that, regenerate, and test again ... AppGini allows you to progress iteratively in a very quick, friction-free process.

From what you briefly described here, you mainly want to calculate billable time for users working on multiple projects. So, you might need a projects table, a users table (possibly linking it to AppGini membership system via hooks so that each user is linked to a username), and a timesheet table. The timesheet table would have a user lookup, a project lookup, a date, a start time, an end time, and a total time field. Possibly also a comments field.

The total time field should be a calculated field (end time - start time) .. See the example for tablename_before_insert hook at ... ore_insert

Well, I hope that would provide a starting point for your project. Please let me know if you have any other questions or comments.
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