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Multiple options in lookup field

Posted: 2018-09-13 21:09
by wronan
Is there a way to select multiple options in a lookup field? This would be a logical behaviour if there was a check box option in addition to the current radio box option.

I want to build a recruitment database. I have a table called applications which applicants add their applications as records. I want the ability for applicants to add a variable number of references to the applications. If I allow the applicants to add records to a references table and link these to the application by making a lookup then it is a 1 to 1 mapping. Is there a way to make a 1 (application) to many (references) mapping?

Re: Multiple options in lookup field

Posted: 2018-09-17 12:58
by a.gneady
This should actually be done by adding a table, say "applicant_references" .. which would include a lookup field to the applicant and other fields for defining the reference (name, position, contact info, ... etc). You should set the applicant_references table to be displayed as a child table for the applicants table. This way, an applicant editing his record can now see a list of references below the detail view where he can add and edit references.

For a demonstration of how this works, please log in to the demo Northwind database (user: demo, pass: demo) at then go to for example ... lectedID=8 ... Scroll down and you can see children tables of that employee (subordinates and initiated orders) ... you can add and edit from there.

Re: Multiple options in lookup field

Posted: 2018-10-17 15:14
by toconnell
I have a similiar situation. I have department managers (55 managers) who have to mark that employees completed safety training.
So one table employees, another departments (with manager and email info) and another table with the class dates. I have a schedule table that pulls them together. So for each course I have department, manager, Class date and description along with notes and a list of employees from a look up table to show the employees in that department that are due to take that course.
Great for prepping scheduling.
but when confirming attended. The managers have to select them one by one and save a copy to create a new record. That takes up too much space in database and slowing it down. I know its bad data to many to many a relationship but to one class, one department I need to select multiple employees and that list to select from comes from a lookup. There is no way to select multiple options from a look up inside of APPGini but is there a way I can do it in the hooks or code? the list of them is there with radio buttons.. I just need them to be able to check them off and for the system to create the record for each student for that class.. without having to have the managers do them one at a time. That is too time consuming.
As employees are hired and fired the list of employees changes and is updated from connection to active directory so using the options list would not work. Suggestions Ahmad?

Re: Multiple options in lookup field

Posted: 2018-10-17 15:20
by toconnell

I have seen over 50 requests on here for this same thing a multiple select option for a lookup field. It is worded in about 25 different ways but that many people on here are asking for the same thing. It really needs to go in the new release.. or something like it.

Re: Multiple options in lookup field

Posted: 2018-10-17 15:21
by toconnell
Like in this example above I would need to just check off each student that attended and save it. But I can only select one, save as copy for the next ones and so on.. so time consuming. I really need to mark off every student that attended this class in one area. Like a class attendance sheet. How does this get done?

Re: Multiple options in lookup field

Posted: 2018-10-17 19:19
by jsetzer
@toconnell: From my point of view your requirement can be done by creating an additional relation table as Ahmad already explained.

If you dislike the usability, you may have a look here: ... 8956#p8956