How to Customize Print Preview

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How to Customize Print Preview

Post by clarxion » 2014-06-26 10:02

Dear All,

Previously I used Appgini version 4.7. I use tablename_dv() feature to make result like this:


In Appgini 5.3 have very nice features to display Child on main table. Let say for Orders - Order Details.

But when I tried to print, it only display Order fields only, for Order details does not appeared at all.

Can we do a little modification, so when we print on Order, it also display Order details?

Many thanks

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Re: How to Customize Print Preview

Post by magicalmutation » 2014-08-04 11:54

did you manage this?

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Re: How to Customize Print Preview

Post by silvending » 2015-04-30 23:04

Yeah... i would love to know the solution.. :) i can't figure that out too..


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Re: How to Customize Print Preview

Post by primitive_man » 2015-05-18 11:44

Because the option to display a child table is not inherent in appgini 5.3 (It requires a modification of the _templateDV (Details View) file - See ... -same-page ), a similar modification would be required in the _templateDVP (Detail View Print) file. One solution I'd suggest is:
1. Backup your _templateDVP
2. Make a copy of your _templateDV file and rename it _templateDVP
3. Delete and/or customise any content that you don't want to print (Delete the DV action buttons / add the print buttons etc)

You'll probably find that you'll have to tweak the display format but it does work ok.

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