Trying to read src attribute of img tag

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Trying to read src attribute of img tag

Post by dlee » 2023-02-05 04:33

I have this code in one of my hooks files (just using the alert(varImg) for testing). When I delete a record with an image in it, nothing happens. If i can get this to work I'll then try to access the info with php using ajax but first I need this to work. Any ideas what I doing wrong here?

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	function duck_season_2013_after_delete($selectedID, $memberInfo, &$args) {
		<script type="text/javascript">
			var varImg = $j("#photo-image").attr('src');

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Re: Trying to read src attribute of img tag

Post by pböttcher » 2023-02-05 08:49


Appgini will call the the display of the table, TV after a delete happend, so your script will not be executed.
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