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Post by crnjak » 2023-01-25 12:30

wondering if anyone has created a DMS system in APPGINI. If so, any help is welcome. My task is to create that system, but I have absolutely no experience of what it should contain and what functionalities it needs. Also, if anyone has a finished project, please message me for further arrangements.

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Post by pilandros » 2023-01-27 21:35

DMS as in Document Mgmt.System?
With Appgini you can create a "basic", but fully functional DMS system.
The problem for you here is to define, what "basic" will mean for your needs.
I may suggest for you to ask for demos of DMS systems out there, so can play with them and try to define:
1) what is crucial about this system for you. In other words what is a must have for your needs or the minimum data and information this system has to manage and offer. This way you will know from the start, what to expect and what you should to ask for.
2) Do you have the time to learn/practice/masterize the tools needed to get/reach such a system running? So you know right away if you can develop your system by yourself or you need to hire someone to help you get your targeted DMS system.
3) Once you went through the 1st step by yourself, you may already know or at least have a real clue of what tables and fields your system should have, this way you can start right over to work with your Application using Appgini.
Hope this may help you get a clearer view of what to expect about this.

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