Multi Path Upload (MPU) / dynamic upload folder

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Multi Path Upload (MPU) / dynamic upload folder

Post by onoehring » 2024-03-21 14:01


just as a teaser:
I am working on a solution where images are stored in subfolders.
This solution "multi path upload" can be implemented with ease in existing applications.
Currently one client of mine has about 10 GB of files (approx. 18.000) in the /uploads folder. This definitely slows the request, which is actually at a medium time of 11 seconds now, before the page has been sent from the server to the browser. The rendering in the browser is no problem - this takes less than a second. The problem is the shear amount of files the file-system and server OS has to handle. Thus, my tool will create e.g. 1.000 subfolders and move uploaded files into those.
This will hold just about 1.8 files per (sub)folder and should speed up the application a lot again.

Installing the tool into the app (test-server) means adjusting the AG files where uploads can be done in 3 hooks-functinos and doing a single line change in /thumbnails.php. Then, one can call the MPU and let the install-section do it's work.
Installing and moving those aprx. 18.000 files is a matter of less than 30 minutes.

Stay tuned.


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