AppGini Helper TilesView Javascript Library NOT Working

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AppGini Helper TilesView Javascript Library NOT Working

Post by mohamed » 2024-03-09 09:18


I have installed the new AppGini Helper TilesView Javascript Library as per the instrucitons in ... rview.html
(PHP settings and Script details down)
I am getting this error when I do INSPECT in the browser:

Uncaught ReferenceError: AppGiniHelper is not defined
<anonymous> http://localhost/rfq/hooks/Form-tv.js:83

which is refering to this line in Form-tv.js

Code: Select all

var card = new AppGiniHelper.TV.Tiles.CardTemplate();

Anybody bought and used this library and able to make it work?


Code: Select all

<script src="hooks/AppGiniHelper.min.js"></script>

<link rel="stylesheet" href="hooks/" />
<script src="hooks/"></script>


Code: Select all

jQuery(function(){ // wait for table being loaded

    var tile = new AppGiniHelperTVTiles.CardTile();
    var html = '<h5 class="clearfix">'
      + '<span class="label label-default pull-right">id: %_pk%</span>'
      + '</h5>'
      + '<p><small>Typ</small> put placeholder here</p>';
    tile.front.html = html;
    // finally render the Tile View
    new AppGiniHelperTVTiles.TilesView().render(tile);

  var card = new AppGiniHelper.TV.Tiles.CardTemplate();
card.setPage(`<%Department% %Section%`);
// ...
new AppGiniHelper.TV.Tiles.Handler().setCardTemplate(card).init();

Flip Card Problem.PNG
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Re: AppGini Helper TilesView Javascript Library NOT Working

Post by xbox2007 » 2024-04-02 22:19

i have same problem but with detail view !!!!

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