Empty Dates Imported from CSV as "0000-00-00"

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Empty Dates Imported from CSV as "0000-00-00"

Post by jbielak » 2022-03-28 11:15


AppGini 22.12.

I have an issue with date fields. No special format is applied, data is stored as "yyyy-mm-dd".
On CVS import the null (empty) dates are imported as "0000-00-00", they should be NULL. For TV/DV it does not make any difference however, such fields are presented as empty.

This in turn causes additional problems:
- autofill fields are not calculated and remain "NULL"
- table(s) cannot be altered by means of AppGini, attempt to fix causes (Query Logs): Incorrect date value: '0000-00-00'
- displaying table TV/DV takes visibly longer than before

Opening a record in DV and just saving is a fix, but it is not practical for thousands of records.

Any idea how to overcome this issue rather than altering the data from db level?
BR - Janusz

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