Inherit Persmissions off - field not shown when radion button (5.75)

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Inherit Persmissions off - field not shown when radion button (5.75)

Post by onoehring » 2019-06-11 07:35


I have a dropdown field which comes from another table (inherit permissions is OFF).
This field is shown as radio buttons (instead of drop down).
When I am logged in as admin who has all privileges to all tables, I can choose from the radio's - they are displayed.
When I log in as regular user who has no access to the source table - the field is not displayed at all.

I did test a dropdown for that specific field: This works.

AppGini 5.75


PS: The forum tells me the screenshot is too large (>256 KB) for an attachment ... it's only 41 KB.... :? Maybe because it was too large. I was told this when I tried to insert it here as 1509xsomething image.

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