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Portnumber in HTTPS-URL on 'Save' in Admin

Posted: 2019-04-09 21:27
by tvloeimans

I am having the problem when I edit something in the admin. When 'Save changes' is clicked in the Admin, I get a error because the portnumber is in the URL. The happens with the Member and Group Edit pages.

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I've tested this only in HTTPS, I did not tested this on normal HTTP.

Anyone known with this issue, and someone with a work around?


Re: Portnumber in HTTPS-URL on 'Save' in Admin

Posted: 2019-05-06 15:40
by tvloeimans
This is starting to get quite a problem for us.

Re: Portnumber in HTTPS-URL on 'Save' in Admin

Posted: 2019-05-07 12:16
by jsetzer
Never seen this in my AppGini environments before. :shock:
  • Can you please tell me which port you are using (if not 80).
Does this only happen when you start the app from...

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or does this even happen when you start from

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If second, you will need to find out when and where the port number is being appended to the server address:
  • You should search your whole code for ":80" in your code-editor. In my case there is no match which is fine.
  • Maybe there is some unnecessary or wrong routing in .htaccess file?
  • The action-attribute of the pageEditGroup-form does not have any server or port, just the filename:

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    <form method="post" action="pageEditGroup.php" ...>
    So the SaveChanges button will submit (POST) data to the current server-address+"pageEditGroup.php". That's why I guess,the server address is already wrong when you enter pageEditGroup.php.
Usually there is no need to append port number 80 because this is browser's default for HTTP and HTTPS.

Hope this helps!