Bug is SPM when using lookup fields

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Bug is SPM when using lookup fields

Post by wilmira » 2018-09-04 18:16

Hello Ahmad,

Just to inform you that I have noticed that, when using lookup fields in the filter generated by SPM, the lookup field is not working properly.

What happens is that when you have the parent field and the child field in the filter, the child field will list all the possible items for the parent field, lets say you have as parent field 2 options(Optino 1 and Option 2), and you have 2 children options for each parent option (Option11, Option12, Option21 and Option22). All the options will be shown in the filter page, no matter if you choose to filter Option1 or Option2.
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Re: Bug is SPM when using lookup fields

Post by a.gneady » 2018-09-13 15:26

I'm so sorry for the long delay and thanks for reporting this issue. We're aware of it and plan to implement cascading lookups in future releases of SPM. Stay tuned!
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