New Record not being assigned to user

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New Record not being assigned to user

Post by charmed_ones » 2017-09-28 00:34

I have a group allowed to enter data in to a table, the information is being captured but isn't being locked to the user.
Its entered in to the master table and admin can see the record, but it's not assigned
When you look at the ADMIN side you see the record.
But the user doesn't see it in his portal. which he should by the settings.
So when you look at the admin section you see
So when you try to assign it to the user via the front section you get an error
you can assign the record in the admin section and it shows up in the users view.

Why is this happening? it work for months and now it stopped working
we have 10 months of no issues and now this. I need to find out why this happening

No changes on the server other then normal OS updates.
Mysql and Apache
Appgini version is 5.62 revision 990

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