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by crwatson07
2014-02-05 01:32
Forum: Getting Started
Topic: file of e commerce
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file of e commerce

Hello sir...
I remembered that AppGini had the sample file for creating the e-commerce? I would like to ask for it so I could learn how it work and build with AppGini.
May I have one please?
Many Thanks.
by crwatson07
2013-06-15 14:32
Forum: Feature Suggestions
Topic: creating schedule and calendar?
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creating schedule and calendar?

Wonder if anybody know how to create the schedule and calendar on AppGini? I would like to learn how to create them before I can add the address and project to them.
by crwatson07
2013-01-28 01:35
Forum: Getting Started
Topic: Where's Project Styles?
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Where's Project Styles?

I noticed that Project Styles is not in AppGini 5.0. Maybe it's missing?
If not, where can I find? I know that I should find it under "Project" menu.
Let me know!