Automatic value

The recommended method of customizing your AppGini-generated application is through hooks. But sometimes you might need to add functionality not accessible through hooks. You can discuss this here.
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Automatic value

Post by Alisson » 2017-02-25 20:38

Using the option "Created by username" is not working for me, the option <%%creatorUsername%%> is added to the field but if I add a new row to my table using differents login names I always get the result "0" as displayed as User in the view. I'm I doing something wrong?

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Re: Automatic value

Post by xbox2007 » 2017-09-07 14:26

me also

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Re: Automatic value

Post by AhmedBR » 2017-09-08 12:46

Check the Data Type of the Field, I use VarChar (40) and works fine. (use more than 40 if necessary).

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