Hide Checkbox Table View - Guests

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Hide Checkbox Table View - Guests

Post by ronwill » 2017-11-25 01:19

Does anyone know how I can "hide" the check box on table view (Guests) as I have a table that does not allow sorting, filters, etc. etc. so when table viewed by guest/anonymous user these check boxes do nothing & are not required. Having them there is a slight annoyance as I keep getting asked what they are for LOL (because I don't know how to hide them.

Thanks for help!!
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Re: Hide Checkbox Table View - Guests

Post by R Tammam » 2017-12-10 09:41

Hello ronwill,

if you inspect any of theses checkboxes , you will find that it took a 'record_selector' class,

so you can catch it using jQuery code

and there maybe more than one checkbox , you will need to iterate over them using .each function in jquery ,

for each one you will need to hide i'ts parent which is the containing cell

all the code will be written using jQuery function

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