Has anyone develop POS system?

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Has anyone develop POS system?

Post by globaldrip8 » 2016-12-31 23:52

Now i want to develop POS system, but i dont want to start it from the beginning, do u have an APX POS file that can be share here?

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Re: Has anyone develop POS system?

Post by pilandros » 2017-01-09 22:04

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Re: Has anyone develop POS system?

Post by howard » 2017-01-12 15:33

I am not doing a POS system but I am working on a project that incorporates inventory and barcode scanning. I previously added inventory items and was looking at ways to keep track of items using barcodes. As far as implementation the more I work with it the more I see using the barcode as the primary key seems like the best solution I have come yup with so far.

By doing this when using the barcode scanner it creates a file I can import later and uses the barcode as the primary key for easy updates and the quantity as another field. By doing some minor editing of the barcode scanner file in excel and working with only 2 fields (Primary key which is the barcode and quantity) I can import the file into the database quickly and update my actual inventory levels.

Any additional input or ideas would be greatly appreciated as my project is under development as far the inventory section.

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