Force Password change

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Force Password change

Post by charmed_ones » 2017-08-29 01:49

I'm trying to get my members to change their passwords using the hook files.
I can't seem to get it

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function account_id_init(&$options, $memberInfo, &$args){

        $creationDate=sqlValue("select pw_change from membership_users
	  where pw_change='pw_change' and memberID='{$data['selectedID']}'");
	if($creationDate < strtotime('90 days'))
header( "Location: https://xxxxxxx.xom/reports/force_membership_update.php" );


    header( "url:account_id_view.php" ); 

the PW-change field is marked a DATE
have the profile set to update the date field when the password is changed.
but I can't get the Date to be checked for over 90 and direct it to the correct page.
Any one have any ideas?

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Re: Force Password change

Post by AhmedBR » 2017-08-31 20:12

I have an idea,use the login function to do the redirect.

take a look at this topic:

Give it a try ;)

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