Invoicing sample app and extra fields

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Invoicing sample app and extra fields

Post by Pete » 2018-02-07 22:24

Hello, im creating a custom script and i have implemented the invoices sample app as it was faster to get going at that part. everything works just fine. in trying to add a field called shipping with database value "ship", the calculation works just fine and i did some editing in the js file to get that calculation going, now im stuck and i cant get that to print on the invoice and add to amount after tax!!!!!!!

any help here?

R Tammam
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Re: Invoicing sample app and extra fields

Post by R Tammam » 2018-02-28 06:06

Hello pete,
if you want get more values printed , you should add them to the printing custom code files
you can find them in hooks\invoice-templates

then add the following lines in the below screen shoot , to print the values you want

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