multiple questions on multiples

Wish to see a specific feature/change in future releases? Feel free to post it here, and if it gets enough "likes", we'd definitely include it in future releases!
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multiple questions on multiples

Post by baudwalker » 2018-08-20 07:46

some time ago there were two questions asked

1 Multiple Super Admins

2 users in multiple groups

has there been any movement on either?


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Re: multiple questions on multiples

Post by wronan » 2018-09-14 10:53

Inheriting permissions from multiple groups would be very useful. I am surprised that this is not already a feature. Setting individual permissions for each user is very bad practice, will lead to errors, but inheriting permissions from multiple groups should work really well.

As a work around I have to tell people to log in as username1 to do tasks1 and username2 to do tasks2, not very professional.

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