Documented Apps in AppGini

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Documented Apps in AppGini

Postby pilandros » 11 Jan 2017, 16:04

I have invested in serveral "PHP App generation tools" for quite some time (+15 years) and I have gone through several known ones with some good, bad and worst experiences. (Yes I have gone through PHPMaker or ScriptArtist and please, do not talk to me about ScriptCase in which I spent a lot of money & resources, just this license was an initial +$400 plus $100/year support plan not counting some $300 for each upgrade! ) , So I can tell you that none had strike me in a good sense like AppGini did.
I had been an AppGini owner/user/follower since the early versions 4 (2012/2013) and I loved it's concept since the begining. Clean, Fast, Easy to understand and to modify. And the latest version 5.60 is a refreshment of the nice original concept.

But, now that I have decided to take AppGini to a higher level of workload I can think of some rather easy to implement suggestions to make AppGini a very nice tool to work with.

And my request is for Documentation. Like any other project, you need to keep track of what is going on with every project, and every app generated with AG is like a project, where you need to keep documented texts for description, purpose, targeted objectives, changes, dates, hours invested, etc,

And to make it like a smooth transition towards perfection, may I suggest to start with a text field for a Project Description and a text field for Notes? both fields for every database/project/App ?

Thanks in advance and have a happy AppGeneration

(running now version 5.60)

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Re: Documented Apps in AppGini

Postby grimblefritz » 11 Jan 2017, 19:49

I second this (and in fact have suggested it before.)

To keep it simple, I'd suggest a "Developer Notes" TEXT field for the project, each table, and each field. This would be maintained via the .exe, stored in the .axp, but not used in the generated app for anything. As you say, it would be good for keeping documentation of the how and why of certain things.

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