Change that Home glyphicon.

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Change that Home glyphicon.

Post by Jay Webb » 2018-05-10 04:28

Change the Home glyphicon to something custom.
Add this to "hooks/header-extra.php" I'm using AppGini 5.70:

Code: Select all

.glyphicon-home:before {
	content:url("../your website/images/your.png")" ";   /* change for your own 32 X 32 .png.*/
.glyphicon.glyphicon-home {
	top:8px !important;                /* set distance from top for 32 X 32.*/
	margin-left:10px !important;       /* set margin left, optional, margin right.*/
.navbar-brand {
	padding:0 !important;              /* need to remove existing padding.*/
Remove comments before saving.
Now it will be there even after re-uploading your project changes and it's easy to change.
What we envision, we make happen.

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