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AppGini 5.70 full change log

Posted: 2018-01-23 10:12
by a.gneady
Hello dear AppGini users :D

WOW! AppGini has been around for 16 years now and it enjoys a larger than ever community today. I'm really humbled by all your support, encouragement and insightful feedback. Thank you so much!

I'm pleased to announce that we've just released AppGini 5.70. As with every major release, we've added a long list of features, enhancements and fixes. We've received a lot of great suggestions and feature requests from you. As much as we really wish to implement them all, we try our best to carefully introduce them a few at a time in order not to sacrifice quality to feature bloat. But don't worry, we do plan to add your suggestions in forthcoming releases. Great things take time ;)

Here is the full list of changes. Please note that this list has been copied from the comments in our Git repository. Some points might be vague, but feel free to ask if you need any clarifications. To make it easier to follow, I've added a filtered "friendly" list of new features and enhancements first, then the full change log.

New features in AppGini 5.70
  • Added database backup/restore page in the admin area (accessible under the Utilities menu).
  • Option to display the record count of each table in the homepage (to enable, select the table in AppGini and check the option Show record count in homepage).
  • Added 'Show/hide columns' button above table view.
  • Better handling of wide tables in mobile view by allowing users to easily scroll horizontally, one column at a time.
  • Added 'Fix all' button to 'Rebuild fields' page.
  • Added more table icons to choose from.
  • More than 60 enhancements, security and bug fixes.

Now to the full change log!
  • Smarter truncation of long project file names in start dialog.
  • info icon for all fields rather than info button.
  • Show 'Add new' button when a record is selected in a TVDV page.
  • Fixed readability of links inside alerts.
  • Fixed js bug in Ajax-cache files when values contain new lines, causing 'view parent' button to disappear.
  • Applied set_record_owner() in tablename_insert() and pageEditOwnership.php.
  • Prevent applying db_escape() more than once to the same string in makeSafe().
  • Added the following functions to admin/incFunctions.php: get_group_id(), prepare_sql_set(), insert(), update(), set_record_owner().
  • Moved the following functions to admin/incFunctions.php: getLoggedGroupID(), getLoggedMemberID(), setAnonymousAccess(), getMemberInfo().
  • Updated and added new help images.
  • Added a check to error handling to make sure all lookup fields have an existing parent table and parent caption fields and add a fallback behavior if not.
  • Improved client-side error handling of empty required rich text and date fields.
  • HTTPOnly for session cookie to prevent session theft by any potential XSS attacks.
  • Disabled "Show column sum" for lookup fields (temporarily).
  • Upgrade jQuery to the latest 1.x branch.
  • Bug fix with $x->SortFields contents when field is a lookup to a lookup.
  • Fixed help text colors of lookup tab.
  • Fixing an auto-fill permissions issue that would prevent users with insert-only access to a parent table from auto-fill in child tables.
  • Fixed bug with unique fields for non administrator users.
  • Added 'Fix all' button to pageRebuildFields.php.
  • Correctly fixing fields that have a unique index.
  • Improve DV readability on mobile devices by adding <hr> between fields.
  • Don't include header-extras.php and footer-extras.php during setup.
  • Don't set focus for forms in embedded mode on mobile devices to avoid popping up the virtual keyboard unexpectedly.
  • Disable action buttons when form is submitted to avoid user re-submission on slow connections.
  • Implemented jQuery().agModal() to fix iOS modal issues, without affecting other browsers.
  • Added AppGini.modalOpen() and AppGini.closeParentModal().
  • Updated modal_window() to use agModal().
  • Bug fix with modal close button on iOS.
  • Improved mobile usability of the TV prev/next buttons.
  • fix for scrolling wide tables horizontally on iOS.
  • Fixed the appearance of lookup fields, date combos and rich text in mobile view.
  • Loading of datepicker js component takes place now in header file rather than template to prevent js errors.
  • Added new refactored function get_table_records() to admin/incFunctions.php.
  • bug fix in frmDB.frx
  • fixed icon spacing in child tabs.
  • Fixing ci_input.php warnings.
  • UI enhancement in pageAssignOwners.php.
  • Length of default value for a lookup field shouldn't be checked in AppGini.
  • Make sure setup.php sends the correct encoding header.
  • The clear search button besides the 'quick search' box should clear only quick search rather than all filters.
  • Better-looking children records.
  • Bug fix: functions defined in __global.php are not visible in links-navmenu.php
  • bug fix where filters having a filter value of '0' where unset.
  • Added admin menu icons.
  • Applied safe_html() to children records views.
  • Added and implemented safe_html() function to admin/incFunctions.php to unify display of field values in TV and read-only mode of DV/DVP.
  • Enhanced usability of 'Select files to overwrite' dialog.
  • Fixed "Read-only fields containing HTML display correctly in TV but escape the HTML in DV".
  • Added 'Expand/Collapse' button to project inspector, with enhanced performance.
  • Added project inspector window to Pro version.
  • Increased DV width in mobile view.
  • Set default FilterAnd for filters 5, 9, 13.
  • Refactored filters validation.
  • Enforced ltr direction for #spm_notification.
  • Fixed behavior of 'view parent' icon for lookup fields in DV when disabled or lookup is empty.
  • Prevent double encoding in html_attr() (only works with PHP 5.2.3+) to display UTF captions correctly in title attributes.
  • :truncated selector no longer truncates button text unless the button has a 'truncate' class.
  • Updated timezone list to the latest database version 2017.2,
  • Added .ltr and .rtl CSS classes.
  • Added more table icons.
  • Added DataList::set_header function and implemented in DataList output.
  • Added X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN header to prevent clickjacking.
  • Better rendering of admin tools button in RTL pages.
  • Fixed Document Expired message when using browser's back button.
Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

Re: AppGini 5.70 full change log

Posted: 2018-01-23 10:25
by a.gneady
P.S. Free upgrades available to all AppGini Pro users who ordered a pro or upgrade license on or after Jan 1, 2017. Users with older orders will receive a special upgrade offer in a few hours on their inboxes :) Stay tuned!

Re: AppGini 5.70 full change log

Posted: 2018-01-23 16:57
by a.gneady
A minor issue made by mistake and discovered by a user: The new version might show 'Beta' label for some users. It's not a beta but the label was was left by mistake while building the exe file. We've corrected that now and if you see the 'Beta' label in AppGini, you can remove it by re-downloading and installing the pro version. It should show AppGini 5.70 revision 1020 and no Beta label.

Please accept my deep apologies for any inconvenience caused by this issue.